Samoan Spice Crusher CC27

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  • Product Detail
    • Samoan Spice Crusher carved from Samoan Hardwood (Ifilele)
    • Carved with Tatau/Tattoo Designs and hand smoothed
    • Perfect Pacific Addition to your Kitchen
    • Made in Samoa



    Why not try the Samoan and Pacific way of crushing spices? Both decorative and functional. Perfect Pacific Addition to the Kitchen.


    Samoan Hardwood is known for its solid structure and durable strength. This gift gives you a Lifetime’s worth of crushing spices and cooking the Pacific way :)


    You have a sizable Spice crusher meant to help you cook for the entire family (aiga). It is durable, all natural and carved with symbols of Samoa

    PLEASE NOTE: The items displayed are custom made examples of our works. Particularly with Tapa, Tapa covered, hand painted and laufala/pandanus coloured items there are a variety of styles and motifs that are all uniquely handmade so no two pieces are exactly alike. The items shipped to sender will not necessarily be the one pictured. With hand painted works, In the event that the exact pattern or motif is not available, we will endeavour to the best of our abilities to ship one as close as possible to the one pictured.




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