Master Frames


Ancient Samoans were Masters of the Sea.  Our Samoan Framed Carvings are examples of the building and carvings skills passed down through generations. This collection includes both single piece Samoan Carvings and grouped sets of Samoan Carvings, each telling a unique story of Samoa and the Pacific.

The Samoan Framed carvings are hand made by our team of creative designers in partnership with our local artisans. All of the Samoan framed carvings from Janet’s are meticulously hand polished by samoan artists. The Samoan Framed Carvings include framed jewelleries behind glass and acrylic.

Jewelleries such as exquisite shells found in the Pacific are carved beautifully into artistic forms. Carved using Samoan organic woods and natural materials as decorations for the framed carvings, natural materials such as pandanus, lava rock, sinnet, shells and more. These Samoan Framed Carvings can be displayed in your home or place of work, either hung on the wall or displayed prominently on your desk. Our Samoan Carved frames are carved portraits of our history and mythical stories, which is why we value and cherish this piece of Samoan craft for they are a physical representation of our nation and it’s beautiful people. These unique carvings are made in Samoa and are a perfect souvenir for anyone who wishes to take a piece of our Beautiful Samoa with them.