Janet’s Samoan Jewellery Collection features Organically handmade pieces from Samoa and the Pacific made from a variety of natural Products such as fruits, seeds, beads, stone, shells, Pearls, corals and many more. Each Samoan Jewellery piece is uniquely handmade

Janet’s Samoan Jewellery Collection is quite special in its range of unique one of a kind pieces on display. A Samoan Jewellery piece for any occasion is available be it for a Samoan wedding, night out on the town, Samoan gift, Special occasion or Samoan souvenir. Janet’s Samoan Jewellery collection has a wide range of uniquely made in Samoa that suits your Preferences.

Choose from our Samoan made traditional necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants and so much more.

To help support our cultural activities within our community, we are embracing our organic Samoan jewelleries to both beautify our people and support the cultural art of Samoan Jewellery making.

We support our local crafts and artists through their hard work to earn a sustainable living and to develop their passion through daily acts of creation. Janet’s Samoan jewelry represents the best in Samoa and the Pacific through its uniqueness, elegance and simplicity. Over the years we have been maintaining our standard of quality and unique Samoan Products.