Samoan Tattoo Hook BRPC31

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  • Product Detail
    • Cattle Bone Carved in Shape of Pacific Hook
    • Various Polynesian Barbed Hook Design
    • Samoan Tatau/Tattoo Design Intricately Carved and inked with Tattoo Ink.
    • Adjustable string length for comfortable fit


    The Tatau Hook – Protection and Authority


    Traditionally worn by the bread winner of the family. Hooks are a sign of prosperity and confer on the wearer good luck on long voyages out to sea. They signify strength and were a tool to aid in the replenishment of the food supply. Samoans and people of the Pacific are surrounded by oceans; the hook emulates their confidence in their own self-sufficiency and admiration for both the aesthetic beauty and abundance of the Pacific Ocean.



    Variations in Samoan Hooks


    The hook designs are reminiscent of the first hooks used by Samoan sea farers. For hundreds of generations these hooks aided the early peoples of the pacific in their struggle with the elements and represented good luck.

    They mark a crucial part in Pacific and Samoan historical tradition and are a sign of prosperity and signify the wearer as the food provider and leader of their family.



    Creativity and Genius of The South Pacific


    The hooks seminal role to the Samoan and Polynesian peoples cannot be overstated. Samoan Hooks and Hooks throughout the South Pacific were constructed out of shell, bone, stone and wood. Several different types of hook forms were used in the 5,000 years of settlement of Polynesia. Hooks had to be well designed and durable in order to hold big catches. Weak hooks meant smaller fish yields and poor catches.

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