Spa Soap


Love Pacific Samoan Spa Soaps manufactured with Island Love to perfection. When hand crafting our Samoan Spa Soaps we strive to achieve close-to perfect results for the health of your skin.

Love Pacific Samoan Spa Soaps emphasize ‘Beneficial Authenticity”, and present to you natural skin care alternatives that give Samoan originality without disregarding core benefits to your skin. 

Virgin coconut oil is the core ingredient in the creation of our Samoan spa soaps. It is a natural cleanser and healing agent. With our Samoan Spa Soaps you literally have the secrets of nature right in the palm of your hand.

The coconut oil we use is traditionally handcrafted through cold press methods to ensure that all nutrients needed to make our Samoan Spa Soap is retained. Love your skin today, tomorrow and forever with Love Pacific Samoan Spa Soaps.

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