Samoa is a country of great natural beauty with a rich and unique cultural heritage that distinguishes itself from the rest of the pacific through its continuation of its Samoan Crafts and Artwork. Samoan Crafts are also distinct in their adherence to the traditional ways of craft making. Samoa Crafts have a bountiful heritage of artistry as, for generations, our people have created and perfected our different  Samoan crafts and routinely breathed life into the artform with modern twists and interpretations.

 Our Samoan crafts are manufactured or carved by expert sculptors and master carvers using our local organic materials such as wood, coconut leaves, coconut shells, pandanus and more. The traditional methods and techniques of carving have been passed down from generations to generation.

Artists will etch tales of myths and legends as well as ancestral voyages into their productions, all the more reason why Samoan crafts are valuable and significant to Samoan culture, they are visual records of our traditions and history.

From Jewelleries to home ware accessories, Samoans have developed a wide range of organic Samoan crafts and share it with the world. Janet’s Samoan crafts are all handmade or hand carved and hand colored using environmental friendly paint or dyes, (no machinery is involved in the making process). All are made from Samoan precious woods with decorative ancient samoan motifs that are incised on to the many crafts that are made. 

Janet’s has the largest Samoan crafts collection online and in the pacific. Our mission is to create and promote these Samoan artworks and safeguard the physical art, cultural knowledge and set of skills that were passed on to us by our ancestors.