Virgin Oils


Love Pacific Samoan Coconut oils, can be found from Janet’s bottled as close to its most natural organic state as possible with minimal refinement to yield purity and health.

What is the natural way to nourish your skin? The answer is Samoan coconut oil by Love Pacific. When you’re pressed for time and working daily around the clock, you start to neglect your skin. It needs moisture and protection.

Listen to your skin, what does it need? Chances are your skin is in need of some serious TLC. Our Samoan coconut oils offer nature’s gift for your body, hair and skin. Our Samoan Coconut Oils acts as a moisturizer and rejuvenator and are made from 100% virgin coconut oil. Love Pacific Samoan coconut oil is produced in several fragrances that range from pineapple, papaya-passion, frangipani, vanilla, mango, gardenia and Pure coconut oil (un-fragranced).

Samoan Coconut Oil has been a natural health elixir for our Samoan people for millennia and forms the foundation of All Love Pacific products available exclusive to Janet’s. Love Pacific is dedicated to you and your skin.

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