Samoan Island jewelry Sets


Janet’s Samoan jewelry Set Collection illustrates the creativity of the Samoan people through their skills of hand crafting precious traditional Samoan jewelries using local materials.

The designs on each piece of our Samoan Jewelry Sets are unique and special. With every Samoan jewelry set piece an artist embeds a piece of their creative soul.

Janet’s precious Samoan jewelry Sets also represent our rich Pacific natural environment showcasing our traditional cultural practices passed down from generations. Their beauty is a reminder to Samoan people of the sacredness of our Land.

These Precious handmade Samoan jewelry sets are made locally in Samoa using local materials such as coconut shell, Bone and sea shells, seeds and acrylic with stainless steel. Colors are in their natural shades that defines each piece. The Collection varies in size from small to large, single strands and group strands for necklaces as well as sets, Samoan made earrings also in stock with different beautiful Samoan shapes that represents our green environment.  

These quality organic Samoan jewelries are made to enhance the beauty of your daily fashion.