Wear the Samoan Culture proudly with Janet’s GALU Men’s Samoan Shirts. GALU Men’s Samoan Shirts are an exclusive brand of Janet’s designed in Samoa by Janet’s creative team.

GALU means Ocean Wave and it celebrates the vast expanse of deep blue water that surrounds our Island Homes. GALU Men’s Samoan Shirts are inspired by the Pacific Ocean, its natural energy and power and the creatures of the ocean.

The Pacific Ocean is central to the lives of the people of Polynesia and Samoa. The ocean has been our main source of sustenance and understanding the ever changing nature of the Ocean has been essential to the survival of the Samoan people. GALU Samoan Mens Shirts celebrates this harmony between our Culture and the Ocean emphasising respect for the Pacific Ocean and earth.

Our Galu Samoan mens shirts are made of 100% cotton material, which makes them comfy and breathable. The designs are bold and beautiful celebrations of ocean and island motifs, a fabulous fit for a day of pleasure at the beach or as a casual fit for any casual events. The ocean is the muse of our GALU brand, our Samoan Men’s shirts are our own way of expressing our ultimate respect and gratitude for its undying beauty and natural energy.