Samoan Carvings

Samoa is a nation that has a rich heritage of artistry and creativity. Janet’s Samoan Carvings are all locally handmade and hand carved using authentic techniques by local artisans with the use of natural materials, brought forth by Mother Nature.

Materials such as, Samoan woods, samoan shells, samoan bones, pandanus, volcanic rocks, sinnet and more. Every Samoan carving is incised with decorative traditional Samoan or pacific motifs. Janet’s Samoan Carving Collection is curated with much of the collection being exclusive.Each Samoan carving is significant in its own way, for they are carved portraits of untold stories of our ancestral voyages, myths and legends.

Janet’s Samoan carvings is famous for both its quality and the range of different art forms on display. The collection ranges from traditional samoan weapons, Samoan and Pacific Handicrafts, Samoan Carvings, Samoan Weavings, home ware accessories to jewelleries, specially made as souvenir of remembrance of our beautiful Samoa.

Janet’s Samoa has the largest collection of Samoan carvings both online and in store. Our mission is to create and preserve our physical art and cultural knowledge that has been passed down from generations to generations many decades ago. Janet's Samoa culture store is a safe haven for our traditional samoan made products, a place where you can experience a piece of our Samoan culture and traditions.