TAV Form Fitting


See Janet’s Collection of the famous and Proudly Pacific TAV Pacific form fitting Island dresses. Choosing the right dress is your form of self-expression, so choose wisely. With Janet’s Women’s TAV Pacific Island Dresses every single piece is a fashion statement, each TAV garment in its own style and design has its own unique print.

You know what that means, that’s right! no two TAV garments are identical. Our women’s TAV form fitting Island dresses are made to perfectly contour to your body and effortlessly accentuate your beauty.

Available In a variety of styles, vibrant colors, and distinctive prints of traditional motifs that are block-printed onto the material. Your options are endless with Janet’s TAV Pacific Island Dresses. There’s a hint of pacific magic hidden in a TAV, a feeling of newness and delight when you slip on a dress and it fits like a glove. TAV form fitting dresses offered to you, for you.