Samoan Wedding Accessories

Celebrate your Wedding day in the embrace of your Samoan Culture. Marriage in Fa'asamoa (the Samoan way) is a beautiful, sacred union to be honored and respected. Marriage is a meaningful occasion to any Samoan, and they take pride in everything they do. Traditionally, Samoan weddings are a magnificent and grand celebration, where both families come together to commemorate this huge milestone in both the bride and grooms lives.

Every couple's wish is for their Samoan wedding to be a memorable one for not only them but their families and guests. Samoan Weddings are a great way to honor the Culture of your birth. Weaving elements of the exquisite Samoan culture in to your special day will create a truly unique experience for you and your guests.

At Janet’s Culture store, we manufacture and promote a variety of Samoan wedding accessories and Samoan Wedding gifts and products perfect for any special occasion or event. Our locally woven Samoan Wedding Coconut and pandanus leaf island fans (in variety of natural colors) are a perfect and useful touch to your Samoan themed wedding, to bring an island feeling to your special day.

Janet’s can also custom weave or hand paint the bride and grooms names with our Samoan Wedding Coconut Cups. Our Samoan Weddings Accessories of course would not be complete without our Samoan mini Tanoas in both 3 inches and 4 inches carved from organic hard wood. All these options and more area available from

Celebrate your Samoan Wedding surrounded by your Samoan Culture. And let Janet’s custom Samoan Wedding Accessories and Gifts be a reminder to all in attendance of the day you both sealed your love for each other.