Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Janet’s recognizes the importance of protecting user information while operating this website and has taken steps to ensure integrity, proper maintenance and security of any and all information

We collect e-mails during an order to store in our database to facilitate future purchases by the customer. We also use e-mails to send out our newsletters from time to time to inform our clients of current and future promotions and specials.

 Janet’s ensures that any personal information submitted with regards to payment, registration and purchasing will be relevant, adequate and not excessive for purposes of operating this website. Said information in our database will only be used as needed to provide you the user with a more seamless experience.

 Cookies are used to store visitor preferences, session information (shopping cart) and past activity on this site. Cookies can be easily adjusted from the user’s computer to be disposed of if needed.

 We do not share information with other third parties.

 Security is of paramount importance and we are SSL certified. SSL technology provides a high level of data security and information integrity.