Samoan Island Necklaces

Janet’s Samoan necklaces demonstrates the Beauty of a Samoan Woman, It also symbolizes a special celebration of the natural beauty of the Samoan Land and Sea.

Janet’s Samoan necklaces are hand made in Samoa and are also sourced from other Pacific Islands. It is their creativity in many ways that inspires them to make jewelleries using their imagination of styles - these imaginations comes alive in beautiful outstanding jewelleries.

Samoan necklaces highlight a Person’s Cultural appreciation in the way they dress and how they look. The Samoan necklaces are often used as an attractive adornments in Ceremonial or social events and it helps identify a special guest at gatherings. Samoan necklaces can add a sense of satisfaction to the wearer with the overall touch of island look. These exclusive island necklaces are made from a variety of natural organic goods from Samoa and the Pacific.