Our products are exclusive gifts designed by us at Janet’s just for you. They are inspired by the Pacific and made using Pacific materials by Local Samoan Artists.


Our Brands


Janet’s Handicrafts

The original brand of Janet’s. Janet’s Handicrafts is a long establish brand of Samoa and is an umbrella under which many of Samoa’s best artists create for. A variety of gifts can be found here from Traditional items to more modern products inspired by the Pacific.

Like all our products Janet’s Handicrafts are designed by Janet’s team of designers in partnership with our local suppliers and our subject to Janet’s strict quality controls.

Popular items include Coconut Earrings, Pandanus Bags and Purses and Woven and Carved artefacts – all of which are original creations and trends started by Janet’s in Samoa.


Love Pacific

Love Pacific is made with 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil from Samoa. Virgin Coconut Oil is the purest coconut oil in existence and is the natural way to energize and replenish your skin. See more at


Janet’s Homeware (Glassware) – new more experimental branch

Janet’s Homeware range features a more modern take on Pacific Living. Here we create functional gifts which also add a bit of Pacific colour and life to your home. Our range has grown to include everything from coasters to Table Covers to Wine Boxes.


Janet’s Textiles – exclusive designs, dyes, finest quality

Our sarong or lava lava range uses on the best quality cotton mull and other materials and each item is meant to stay vibrant for a lifetime. With exclusive designs and patterning’s, we always have new designs and colours to share.


Janet’s Wedding and Corporate Gifts –

A special category of gifts created to help you add a Pacific Feeling and Theme to any Wedding or Corporate occasion.

Janet’s has created special customisable products for weddings and corporate events with a range that includes superior gifts, wedding favours, wedding and corporate themed table covers, etc. With Janet’s love of customising goods there is no end to what we can help create for the Wedding or Corporate Occasion.


TAV Clothing

TAV is a premium fashion label worn by both Islanders and luminaries such as the Duchess of Cambridge Catherine (Kate) Middleton. Tav is created by Elena Tavioni a Cook Islander/Samoan designer. Janet’s is the exclusive supplier and partner for TAV Clothing in Samoa and holds a range of exclusive styles and designs. TAV clothing is known for both its Vibrant Pacific Designs and Comfortable Island fit.


Galu Pacific Clothing for Men

Introducing GALU: A New Brand of Samoan Clothing for Men Made in the Pacific from100% breathable cotton. GALU is the WAVE and Ocean. GALU is the Energy of a Pacific Movement pulsating throughout the world. Where ever we are in this world we are children of the Pacific.


Janet’s Master Carvings

A range of carvings (standing and jewellery) made in Partnership with Samoan Master Carver Beau Rasmussen. Beau is one of the few remaining Master Carvers in the South Pacific Region and is considered one of Samoa’s finest artisans. Beau’s knowledge and skill was passed down through family tradition.

This range draws its inspiration from Nature and is distinguished by its breadth and versatility covering a range of different materials and mediums – each having their own intrinsic and special value. Materials include mother of pearl shell, trochus shell local, Samoan wood, cattle bone and at times more rare materials such as whale bone, varieties of coral and marlin bill. Our Master Carvings jewellery has adorned such famous people as Pierce Brosnan and Woody Harrelson and Survivor Host Jeff Probst

Janet’s exclusive range of Master Carvings is at the forefront of craft innovation in Samoa.


Janet’s Master Paintings

Janet’s Master Paintings collection represents a new class of young artists exhibiting their talent on large canvas. Foremost among these artists are Donna and Scott both talented artists who have worked exclusively with Janet’s for a number of years to create various original Visual Art Pieces, all of which have the distinct style of these artists.

The paintings are collaborations by our artists that reflect both realistic and abstract Pacific Art styles. A universal theme of the paintings is the central power of the environment that surrounds us – particularly the oceans and the forests. The oceans represent the movement of life, its struggle. The forests are a reminder of our beginnings and the deep mysteries of the Pacific.

These pieces are all one of a kind. There is uniqueness to each of these pieces, each having a story to tell.