Samoan Ritualism DKP14

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    • Acrylic on Canvas
    • Dimensions (Width, Height, Depth): 56 x 38 x 4 cm

    This particular piece utilizes important elements of Samoan Ritual. The Tanoa (or Ava Bowl) is the centre piece in the Ava Ceremony and marks a notable occasion of welcoming or blessing in the meeting area.

    The Fue (Fly swatter) and I’e Toga Mat are ceremonial artefacts. The Fue is used by the Talking Chief or Orator. The Orator is a chief of high standing with masterful command of the spoken word and the Samoan language in all its poetry and allusion.

    I’e Toga is a patterned mat made from only the finest materials and by the most skilled of weavers. Its woven texture is so fine as to feel like silk. It is a treasured family keepsake and only passed from one family to another on very important occasions such as marriage or death.

    These Artefacts mark the centrepiece of the gathering ceremonies in Samoan Tradition are widely used to this day.