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    PLEASE NOTE - ULA FALA NUT SIZE VARIES with diff nut sizes, Actual size of necklace shipped will depend on size availability and may vary.  

    • Ula Fala the ceremonial necklace worn to formal occasion in Samoa
    • Made from the Fruit of the Pandanus Tree with natural dye colouring added to give vibrant red shade.
    • Made in Samoa for Janet’s and widely used for formal occasions and meetings by both Men and Women
    • NB - PLEASE NOTE - Ula Fala sold is of the smaller nut variety as seen in picture


    Samoan Ceremony

    Traditionally worn by high chiefs and orators you can wear the Ula Fala (or Pandanus Necklace) for your important occasions and significant events.


    Made from the Nut of the Pandanuse Fruit - Ulafala (‘ooh-lah-fah-lah’) The ripe pandanus nuts are sun dried when they are mature and most red and also traditionally colored nut dye would also be added to ensure a vibrant red hue (today red paint is also used). Crimson red is the color of nobility in Traditional Samoa.


    When it adorns an individual at a special occasion it is an indictation of that persons high status (matai or chief, orator or person of high status or bearing). It is worn by both Men and Women in modern times