Circle Hooks Earring JIWE17

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  • Product Detail
    • Coconut Shell Earring w/ metallic finishing
    • Pandanus Leaves Weaving
    • A Janet’s Original Product


    Original Pacific Beauty


    A popular and long loved jewellery piece from Janet’s in Samoa. Featuring matured (dark) and young (lighter) Samoan coconut shell pieces carved into a variety of shapes. These can then be combined with Pandanus leaves or Samoan Tapa (Siapo) which are woven into the overall design. The coconut, pandanus and tapa are here combined in a variety of designs that show their versatility and why the Pacific peoples have come to depend on them for millennia.


    The designs combine the philosophy of harmony and incorporate modern sensibilities with traditional motifs.


    Environmentally Friendly and Perfect For Any Occasion


    These earrings make great gifts and are always well appreciated for both their uniqueness and Pacific simplicity. A favourite product of Janet’s in Samoa from the beginning. These earrings are appropriate for any occasion, are all hand crafted and carry with them Pacific Motifs and meaning. They are also fun and are different to anything else available. A truly unique creation from Samoa.


    Made in Samoa


    The usefulness of the coconut shell comes alive here as it is crafted into a variety of shapes and has natural shades in colour which ensures that no two pairs of earrings are exactly alike. Pacific style and Samoan designed earring jewellery from Janet’s.

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