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    ALI’I is created for the Modern Island Gentleman.  In Samoan Tradition, an Alii is a man who takes on the role of leadership and lives by the core Values and Principles of the Samoan Culture which are ”Respect, Honor, Responsibility and Service.

     This ALI’I Elei was Designed Specifically for the Manu Samoa Rugby World Cup 2023 Campaign. The design is a visual Representation of the Values that embody the spirit of this Rugby World Cup 2023 Team. 

     Manu Samoa Theo McFarland wears the Manu Samoa Elei “Honour”.  “Honor” pays tribute to the traditional blue associated with the Manu Samoa Teams of past.  The modern Alii of today follows the tradition of Leadership but forges his own way in his own era. 

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