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  • Product Detail
    • Samoan Tapa (Siapo)
    • Bark of the Mulberry Tree
    • Natural Nut Dye used to decorate the Tapa Canvas with Motifs
    • Dimensions: 65 cm wide x 65 cm tall


    Prized in the Pacific


     Tapa is one of the most important artefacts in Samoa and the Wider Pacific Region. Samoa in particular was (and is) known for making the finest Tapa in the region which is still do this day eagerly sought out for trade.



    The Process


    The Bark of the Mulberry Tree is first shaved down to fine layers and drying occurs. This may take several days as fine layers are added to one another to form a single coating.


     The Tapa is then laid down on a wooden board which has motifs and symbol carved into it.


    Natural Nut Dyes and Fruit Dyes are then added and rubbed onto the Tapa as it lies on the carved wooden board – Browns and Reds and Blacks and less often yellows. The Tapa Canvas comes alive all at once revealing the outlines of the shapes beneath it.


     Keeping the Culture Alive


     Tapa comes in many different sizes and in the ancient times was a sign of wealth and prosperity.


    Tapa can be hung on your wall or framed or rolled away and stored for safe keeping. Few master Tapa makers practise today. At Janet’s we help to carry on and share the ancient art of Pacific and Samoan Tapa making selecting only the finest Tapa from both Upolu and the Big Island of Savaii.


    PLEASE NOTE: The items displayed are custom made examples of our works. Particularly with Tapa, Tapa covered, hand painted and laufala/pandanus coloured items there are a variety of styles and motifs that are all uniquely handmade so no two pieces are exactly alike. The items shipped to sender will not necessarily be the one pictured. With hand painted works, In the event that the exact pattern or motif is not available, we will endeavour to the best of our abilities to ship one as close as possible to the one pictured.


    The Tapa and Tapa patterns are all unique and come in a multitude of designs Therefore tapa and tapa covered items shipped will be variable in design and motif. Please make special note if there is a specific motif you are after and we will endeavour to match your needs to the best of our abilities.