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    • Marlin Bill Design Carved in Shape of Tapa Board
    • Samoan Tatau/Tattoo Design Intricately Carved and inked with Tattoo Ink.
    • Polynesian Board Held with Afa (Coconut Husk)
    • Adjustable string length for comfortable fit
    • Dimensions (Width, Height, Depth): 2.2 x 7.5       x 0.3 cm

    The Tapa Board is used to pattern material used for clothing. It was traditionally Curved in shape and here is represented as a board with detailed tattoo designs. Any number of motifs and Samoan Designs can be carved onto the board and worked into the chosen fabric.

    Pacific Marlin Bill is noted for its golden colour and unique textures, no two pieces being exactly alike. Colour can range from light gold to deep maroon or brown. In combination with other materials from the sea such as (shell and other fish bone) or land (such as bone) it makes for a dazzling contrast.