Painted Popo Cups for Weddings & Functions JS05

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  • Product Detail
    • Cups made completely of Coconut Shell
    • Custom Hand Painted to your needs (can include custom name or event or date)
    • Great for Samoan Weddings, Corporate Functions and Family Reunions etc
    • Item only avialable for bulk orders of 50 or more pieces
    • Available at 18 Samoan Tala per piece
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    BULK ORDERS – When thinking of placing a special order note that shipping time to the United States takes 18 – 21 days (standard shipping), to Australia it takes 10 – 12 days (standard shipping) and to New Zealand takes 7 – 10 days (standard).

    Add a Samoan and Pacific Theme to Your Occasion

    A new product and great for adding a touch of Samoan and Pacific Culture to any occasion. Another great idea for function gifting or wedding favours to commemorate that special occasion! Contact us and Let Us know what you need!

    *Please Note the following average ordering and shipping times when planning for your event:

    Production Time – 50 pieces and above takes 2 to 3 weeks

    Shipping Times – Standard or (Express)

    United States: 24 days or (10 days)

    Australia: 10 working days or (5 days)

    New Zealand: 7 working days or (3 working days)

    Nearby Pacific Islands: 7 working days or (3 working days)

    Rest of World: 28 days or (10 days)