Master Hook Standing Carving BRS23

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  • Product Detail
    • Samoan Master Hook Carved from Ifilele Hardwood, Pau Wood and Drift Wood. Trochus Shell finishes the piece.
    • Polynesian Afa (Coconut Husk) Threaded around piece
    • Deeply Set carvings of Samoa Motifs and Tatau Designs.
    • Hook may be Hung on Wall or Stand on flat surface
    • Dimensions (Width, Height, Depth): 15 x 53 x 3 cm


    Master Hooks


    Janet’s New Master Standing Carvings are here. The designs have deeper grooves and carvings set into precious variety of woods. The Carvings are larger and more robust and reflect the idea of both Human Ingenuity and the Samoan Wave or Galu and the power of nature.


    A Gift for Someone Special


    Hooks were given to persons of stature and status in the community. They were seen as leaders and to receive a Master Hook was both a blessing and an honour.

    Hook shapes and varieties all served a purpose. The carved Patterns emphasise the growth and productivity which stems from the hook as a tool. A symbol of true Samoan and Pacific ingenuity.

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