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    GALU WAVES OF FORTUNE -The ocean has begged many questions. How far can I go? How far do I dare to go? Our ancestors answered the call to adventure, drifting on the waves of fortune to new lands, to a new beginning.The “Waves of Fortune” textile print pays respect to those who came before us, risking it all for us to inherit this beautiful land, this brave heritage.

    GALU mens Samoan Shirts 2021- Our Newest collection of Samoan Shirt for men, a clothing line that’s inspired by the Ocean and its magnificent appearance, its creatures, its “mana “ and the island state of mind. Designed exclusively and locally in Samoa for men of all ages, celebrating the beauty and strength of the ocean and promising versatility and Inclusivity. The New GALU Collection is now available and exclusive to all Janet’s Samoa Cultural stores and online at GALU Samoan Shirts, Samoan menswear designed and manufactured in Samoa. Available from sizes S to 4XL

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