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    The Design TAPA speaks of a people proud of our cultural heritage, a heritage which is carried in song , dance, tradition and art. The Tapa cloth is a symbol of ownership of this pride. It is used to adorn our leaders in the most sacred of rituals and cultural practices. This latest ALII Design represents an evolution of the TAPA motif. With this design I wanted to not only focus on the form of an iconic Samoan Design but also the expression of that design – the character, the texture, the organic nature of it. The uniqueness of TAPA comes from the fact that it is an organic production – therefore it has flourishes of character defined in the smallest detail. There are many variations in color and texture. This piece was meticulously hand drawn in order to retain the fine grain texture of the design. There is different intensity of the sketch work with different shadings across the piece. Within the structure of the TAPA design there is so much room to express yourself.

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