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    The LAPITA Design pays homage to the we the descendants of a magnificent and Advanced culture of Lapita People who learned to live in harmony with nature and explored and settled vast expanses of the Pacific. The Lapita Culture marks the genesis of our Polynesian Family. It is a thousands of years old Heritage and marks the legacy of the first Pacific explorers. This piece is made based on early Lapita designs from ancient Samoan pottery which we found in old photographs and also hand drawn interpretations of Lapita Artwork by multiple artists. The Lapita designs have a distinct yet familiar quality about them. They have their own uniqueness and are not immediately recognizable as Samoan. Distinct curves, faces and abstract shapes quite different from more modern Samoan designs. Lead artist Lisha Sablan states “I wanted to deconstruct the idea of Lapita artwork down to its most primal & foundational shapes.” Within these primal forms we blend more modern Samoan motifs such as the spear head and pandanus bloom – this represents an Evolution as we begin to see the awakening of Lapita designs into the Modern Samoan form. There are subtle shadings of color at the borders of the designs which give the design a vertical movement. These are living motifs, that move like the cells in our bodies, they are the DNA of our culture.

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