Teropika 6 x Set of Pacific Sarong Easy Wear

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    IMPORTANT NOTE WELL - SARONGS SET Shipped vary in COLOR and DESIGN based on Availability. Sarongs shipped will not be Exactly the Same as those show in Color and Design.

    • 6 x SET of Relaxed Easy Wear Lava Lava Sarong 
    • 100% Hand Printed using Natural Dyes, Vibrant Colours 
    • 100% Cotton – great comfort
    • Dimensions: 2 Yards of material

     Multiple Uses

      It is worn by both MEN and WOMEN in a variety of ways around the waist or over length of the body.

      Perfectly suited to the warm weather and the Pacific pace of Life.

     The Samoan Sarong can also be used as a scarf, a table top cover, a beach mat, can be used as a shawl or wrapped around as a colourful belt….the uses are endless.

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