Our products are exclusive gifts designed by Janet’s just for you. They are inspired by the Pacific and made using Pacific materials by Local Samoan Artists.



Janet’s Handicrafts

The original brand of Janet’s. Janet’s Handicrafts is a long establish brand of Samoa which many of Samoa’s best artists create for. A variety of gifts can be found here from Traditional items to more modern products inspired by the Pacific.


Like all our products Janet’s Handicrafts are designed by Janet’s team of designers in partnership with our local suppliers and are subject to Janet’s strict quality controls.

Popular items include Coconut Earrings, Pandanus Bags and Purses and Woven and Carved artefacts.


ALI’I Samoa

A brand of exquisite Island designed shirts for the Island Gentleman and the man who leads. An Ali’i is a man in Samoan tradition who takes on the role of leader and lives by some of the core principles of Samoan Culture – Respect, Honour and Responsibility.


Love Pacific

Love Pacific is made with 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil from Samoa. Virgin Coconut Oil is the purest coconut oil in existence and is the natural way to energize and replenish your skin. See more at


Masina Blue

Janet’s range of exclusive and popular traditional style contemporary jewellery available in a variety of colours and styles.


TEROPIKA - Janet’s Sarongs 

Our sarong or lava lava range uses on the best quality cotton mull and rayon and each item is meant to stay vibrant for a lifetime.


Janet’s Wedding and Corporate Gifts –

A special category of gifts created to help you add a Pacific Feeling and Theme to any Wedding or Corporate occasion.


Janet’s has created special customisable products for weddings and corporate events with a range that includes wedding favours.


Galu Pacific Clothing

GALU: A New Brand of Samoan Clothing Tees for men and women and shirts and dresses for kids. GALU is the WAVE and Ocean.


Janet’s Master Carvings

This range draws its inspiration from Nature and is distinguished by its breadth and versatility covering a range of different materials and mediums – each having their own intrinsic and special value.


Materials include mother of pearl shell, trochus shell local, Samoan wood, cattle bone and at times more rare materials such as whale bone, varieties of coral and marlin bill.


Janet’s exclusive range of Master Carvings is at the forefront of craft innovation in Samoa.