Marlin Bill Hook BRPM44

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  • Product Detail
    • Marlin Bill Shaped into Samoan Hook
    • Polynesian Motif Intricately Carved
    • Samoan Tattoo Inking
    • Cording masterfully threaded into Hook Design
    • Adjustable string length for comfortable fit


    Special Chorded Pacific Hook


    A special cording and weaving has been added to this piece ensuring its uniqueness and representing the binding strength of the Ocean hook Pacific Marlin Bill is noted for its golden colour and unique textures, no two pieces being exactly alike.. The piece comes with an adjustable cord.


    A Exclusive

    Taking pride in our Pacific Heritage is important in keeping the culture alive. This piece, like other from is an exclusive an rare piece, only a few will be made in this particular style. It’s important that our customers are able to stand out with unique pieces.


    Pacific Hook – Ocean and Earth

    The hook has always held special significance in Pacific History. Now it is a symbol of identity and peace. It is a reminder of Pacific ingenuity and will to survive through creativity and struggle. There is a legend that Tagaloa the ancient God of Samoa and the Pacific pulled the Samoan Islands up using a Hook. Like the legends, we raise our cultural history from the past with our displays of pride. Living the Pacific way of Life.