Marlin Bill Adze Motif BRPM2019D

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  • Product Detail
    • Marlin Bill Shaped into Samoan Adze
    • Polynesian Motif Intricately Carved
    • Samoan Tattoo Inking
    • Cording masterfully threaded into Hook Design
    • Adjustable string length for comfortable fit


    Samoan Adze


    Pacific Marlin Bill is noted for its golden colour and unique textures, no two pieces being exactly alike. The Samoan Adze was a a tool used for a broad range of carvings and craftsmanship. Several hundred being found in archaeological sites around the Pacific.


    A Exclusive

    Taking pride in our Pacific Heritage is important in keeping the culture alive. This piece, like other from is an exclusive an rare piece, only a few will be made in this particular style. It’s important that our customers are able to stand out with unique pieces.


    Pacific Ingenuity

    These Shapes represent Pacific Ingenuity as they crafted livelihoods and thrived amongst the elements in the largest Ocean expanse in the world.

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