Life Amongst the Waveforms DKP11

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    • Acrylic on Canvas
    • Dimensions (Width, Height, Depth): 30 x 91 x 4 cm

    A stunning Oceanic piece. They can be had as a set or individually.


     Life is a struggle. And the Pacific Ocean exemplifies this in its enduring ever present being. Much like life it churns and becomes convoluted whilst in the next moment it is calm and still.


     Fishermen with a Sogaimiti (Traditional Full body Tattoo), wade out into the morning waters in their canoes with spear and net in hand…


     Central to the artist’s inspiration is the salience and omnipresence of the Pacific Ocean. The ocean pervades every aspect of Samoan and Pacific life. It nourishes and provides, it destroys and takes away. The strict traditional hierarchy of culture, the patterns of meaning that lock us into place, belie at times and obscure the waves of emotion and myriad of forms within ourselves which are like the Ocean - formless and ever changing.

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