Wooden Hotplate CC19

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  • Product Detail
    • Polynesian Hardwood (Ifilele)
    • Intricate designs carved into the piece
    • A strong and durable hotplate
    • Made in Samoa



    A beautiful hotplate to hold those hearty meals. Decorated with intricate patterns and designs. Its large size and great depth ensure that you will be using it for years. Samoan Hardwood is known for its durability and strength and will serve you well.



    As well as being pleasing to look at and adding a piece of the Pacific into your kitchen this hotplate will prove useful to you.

    PLEASE NOTE: The items displayed are custom made examples of our works. Particularly with Tapa, Tapa covered, hand painted and laufala/pandanus coloured items there are a variety of styles and motifs that are all uniquely handmade so no two pieces are exactly alike. The items shipped to sender will not necessarily be the one pictured. With hand painted works, In the event that the exact pattern or motif is not available, we will endeavour to the best of our abilities to ship one as close as possible to the one pictured.