Galu Circle of Life - Trochus Shell BRPS166

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  • Product Detail
    • Galu – Circle of Life Carved from Samoan Trochus Shell
    • Samoan Tattoo patterns carved into the piece
    • Black Pearl fixed at the farthest points finishes the piece
    • Coconut Husk binding
    • Adjustable string length for comfortable fit


    Galu – Circle of Life


    The Samoan Galu and Circle of Life are rooted in Pacific concept of Renewal and Harmony. Nature manifests itself in cyclical patterns and Pacific Islanders since the time of the first migration have successfully managed to live in the pristine yet fragile Pacific environment for generations owing to their harmonious culture.


    The edges are carefully carved with Samoan Motifs and symbols.


    Every shell is unique; no two shell surfaces will ever be exactly alike. Trochus shell and its gold colour go with any occasion and is a modern way to show your Pacific Love and identity.


    Master Shell Pendants


    Taking pride in our Pacific Culture is important in keeping it alive and thriving. This Pacific Pendant is only available from and joins our growing Master Pendant collection. Made in Samoa and representing the best in Pacific Jewellery and Craftsmanship.