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Framed Sea and Sky Motif BRF102

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Product Detail

  • Royal Turtle carved from Samoan Precious Wood
  • Sand Piper carved from Pearl Shell
  • Wooden Sea Motif forms the backing of the piece.
  • Wooden Framing Tied in traditional seafaring way
  • Piece may be Hung on Wall or Stand on flat surface
  • Dimensions (Width, Height, Depth): 13 inches x 10 inches


Ocean and Sky


The Royal Turtle has always been prized in the Pacific and was rarely hunted for game or for food (it was only to be served to Kings). In modern times the Turtle is still held in high esteem and its image is taken to be one of wisdom and knowledge.

The sand piper and its footprints on the Samoan beaches left a lasting impression on the ancient islanders. The most famous of motifs and what is taken to be the “four petal flower” is actually the footprint of the sandpiper. The motif and the bird itself represent beauty, freedom, impermanence and the passage of time.


Ancient Mastery of the Sea


The Frame of this piece is notable in that it is made of Samoan Hard wood planks tied in the fashion that the ancient sailing vessels were. So secure and seamless were the wood binding of the ancient sea vessels that the First Samoans were able to build countless sea faring vessels of different sizes for different use – whether specifically for hunting, for transporting food and people short distances or for long voyages, the mastery of vessel construction given the limited resources is a testament to Pacific Ingenuity.

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